LTO to rollout e-TOP next week

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be rolling out a new handheld electronic ticketing device to its Law Enforcement Unit starting next week. This device, with some similarities to a handheld Point of Sales (POS) commonly found in supermarkets and gas stations, can also accept payments for the settlement of a traffic violation, on the spot.

New LTO ticketing system lets you pay immediately image

According to the LTO, dozens of their law enforcement personnel had undergone training for the use of this new handheld electronic device. This new device will be used by their enforcers to issue an Electronic Temporary Operator’s Permit (E-TOP), in lieu of the old-fashioned “manual” TOP to motorists who are caught violating traffic laws.

Based on the photos from PTV, these electronic devices are capable of reading/scanning cards, possibly to process payments on the field. The LTO added that these devices will begin accepting payments from motorists to settle their traffic violation(s) during Phase II of the project’s implementation, or in two months’ time.