Mazda is giving the motoring public another reason to get the all-new Mazda3.

After making its world debut last November 2018, Mazda, along with Nippon Steel Sumikin Co. and JFE Steel Co. Ltd, have announced that they have developed new type of high-tensile steel sheets that will first see use in the 2019 Mazda3.

Currently, most high-tensile steel plates made via cold-stamping are only limited to 1180 MPa (megapascals) due to the metal's formability and difficulty of making sure it is accurately built. But thanks to Nippon Steel and JFE's help, Mazda was able to make stronger and lighter high-tensile strength metal sheets.

They claim that the new metal sheets can now withstand up to 1310 MPa. This translates to better safety performance, lighter curb weight, as well as improved fuel economy and handling. It also means that the vehicle structure now can stand up to greater forces, particulary during crashes or major collisions.

Portions of the Mazda3 that make use of the more durable metal sheet include the A-pillar and roof rail inner, the roof rail reinforcement, the No.2 cross member, as well as the side sill reinforcement. Not only that, they were able to save about 3 kg over the same parts that were used in the previous generation.

Mazda expects this new type of metal processing will also see use in other future models as they are committed in delivering safer, better handling and more lightweight vehicles.