Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to lift the covers off the new B-Class in Frankfurt, but like the other show exhibitors, they have released the first photos of what the entirely new car will look like.

Details around the release of the new photo are sketchy, as some reports say it was leaked by a certain news agency. The photo reveals new styling cues that have made their way to the B-Class from other models like the E and C-Classes. The front bumper, the LED headlamps and "fog" lamps all seem to have been inspired by the other cars in the Mercedes stable, and even the SLS's a/c vents seem to have been borrowed for the small B-Class.

The new B-Class measures 4359mm long, 1786mm wide and 1557mm tall. The new car will be powered by a new range of engines, including a gasoline direct injection unit with a new dual-clutch transmission. Petrol engine power figures range from 122 horsepower for the B 180 to 156 horsepower for the B 200. CDI diesel engines will generate 109 hp for the B 180 CDI to 136 hp for the B200 CDI.