Residents living in the towns of Barugo and Babatngon will no longer need to travel via a footbridge soon.

Recently, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) announced that they are set to complete a new bridge that will connect the two towns. According to DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, they are currently fast-tracking the construction of the 154-meter Minuhang Bridge along the Carigara-Barugo-Sta.Cruz-Babatngon-Bagahupi National Road.

“Upon completion, the Php 150-million bridge project will allow all types of vehicles to pass through, therefore improving the mobility of people, goods, and services within the Barugo Economic Zone,” said Villar.

Currently, the only way to get to and from Barugo and Babatngon is by way of an existing footbridge. While it is capable of supporting both people and motorcycles, the footbridge becomes submerged in water during high-tide. This means students are forced to skip classes while the transportation of goods is delayed.

“We are expecting to improve not only trade and investment in the connecting towns but also provide better access to employment and education in the area,” Villar.

Besides allowing all types of vehicles to pass through the soon-to-be-finished Minuhang Bridge, the DPWH claimed that travel time between the municipalities of Carigara and Babatngon in Leyte will also be shorter since the upcoming bridge will serve as an alternate route for motorists traveling along the Palo-Carigara-Ormoc Road.