Nissan has a new electric crossover coming

Nissan is betting big on electric vehicles, literally.

The Japanese automaker announced that they will be investing GBP 1 billion or roughly PHP 67.7 billion into a new electric vehicle hub in the United Kingdom. The facility will be called "Nissan EV36Zero", and it will be the brand's flagship electric vehicle hub. As part of the investment, the automaker will also produce a new electric crossover that will join the Ariya.

At the moment, Nissan has yet to reveal specific details about the upcoming electric crossover. In fact, it doesn't even have a name yet. What we do know is that it will be built at the new plant. It will also ride on Nissan's CMF-EV platform that is currently seeing use in the Ariya. It's also set to be used for an upcoming Renault crossover.

While the upcoming EV crossover will be built in the UK and for the European market, Nissan says it's designed as a global model. With that, it will likely be built and sold elsewhere in the world, too. The automaker adds that other production locations have not yet been confirmed, and details about the vehicle, such as price and technology, will be released at a later date.

Thankfully, Nissan didn't leave us in the dark on what the upcoming crossover will look like. The automaker released a teaser image showing its side profile. Based on the lone photo, the crossover is styled similar to the Ariya. Although it's hard to tell, the front end seems to adopt Ariya's design as well. The rear will be dominated by a large black panel. Chances are, the vehicle in the photos is a concept rather than a production model, given its lack of side mirrors and door handles.

What we're curious about is the size of the crossover compared to the Ariya and the Leaf. Based on the image alone, it's hard to tell how big Nissan's upcoming EV will be. Considering Nissan doesn't have a large electric SUV yet, perhaps this will larger than the Ariya.