Imagine being able to see around corners while driving. Yes, that includes those tricky blind corners. It will surely help drivers anticipate what's ahead of them rather than having to guess whether there will be any traffic that will require them to slow down or keep going at the same pace they're driving.

Well, Nissan is already working on making that into reality with their new Invisible-to-Visible technology concept. Also called I2V, the upcoming tech concept is set to debut at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), allowing drivers to see what will likely be waiting at the oncoming corner.

Nissan's I2V system works by gathering information from sensors outside and inside the vehicle together with real-time traffic data in the cloud. This will then allow the system to give drivers a 360-degree display of the roads surrounding the vehicle including those behind buildings and blind corners. The digital display includes data on other vehicles, road surfaces, intersection status and even nearby pedestrians. All this data is then displayed in an 'interactive, human-like way, such as through avatars' which will appear inside the car.

New Nissan technology allows drivers to 'see' through corners

Drivers will also be alerted should there be any hazards on the road. It can also advise drivers on the best lane to take when traffic is heavy. Onboard computers then scan for parking spaces and can even park the vehicle on its own.

New Nissan technology allows drivers to 'see' through corners

When the car is driven autonomously, the I2V system works by making the ride more comfortable. Nissan says an example would be the system projecting a sunny ambience should it be raining outside.

Whether the car is driven autonomously or manually (by yourself), Nissan says the I2V system will make the journey a more enjoyable experience.