Featuring breakthrough technology customized exclusively for Philippine driving conditions, Petron recently launched its new XCS Complete Combustion System.

Comprehensive research and elaborate tests went into the formulation of the new Petron XCS, the first gasoline powered by premium organic combustion enhancers to give your engine a cleaner burn and optimized power.

According to Khalid Al-Faddagh, Petron president, "The new Petron XCS is designed for the 21st century. The organic additive used in the new XCS is a proprietary formulation developed exclusively for Petron, and we believe that the new XCS will once again set a benchmark for local gasoline products."

The new Petron XCS unleashes true engine power by providing the following performance benefits: Excellent detergency cleans up engine deposits quickly and maintains engine cleanliness, a complex combination of additive chemistries promotes better fuel consumption, better combustion enables the engine to work at maximum power, 95-RON fuel better driveability and smoother acceleration.

Petron vice-president for marketing, Jose K. Campos, notes that the new Petron XCS is designed to cater to all types of vehicles. "For new cars, XCS will prevent deposits from forming in the fuel system and contribute towards optimum engine performance. For old cars, XCS will remove existing deposits In the fuel system resulting in smoother response, better power generation, and improved fuel economy.

The evolution of the new Petron XCS has been marked by continuous product development to meet market demand and deliver customer satisfaction. In 1996, XCS pioneered the "cleaning action" additive for carburetor systems. In 2000, with the shift to unleaded gasoline and fuel injection additives, XCS Plus was introduced with anti-valve seat recession and engine-protection additives. Now, the latest formulation of Petron XCS features organic combustion enhancers to meet the demands of future engine technologies as well as environmental concerns.

According to Willy Toledo, technical services general manager, "Being a local oil company has its advantages. We have the freedom to formulate which fits local conditions such as the heat, dust, driving habits, engine types, etc. Because we are totally focused on the Philippine market, we can customize our fuels and other products for the special needs of Filipino motorists."