Just a few days ago, Subaru released the Levorg STI Sport Black. While the 300 horsepower family wagon is interesting, it seems that there's a lot more going in behind closed doors at Subaru. In fact, it has been reported that the next-generation model is coming soon.

The current Subaru Levorg is actually one of the oldest cars in the current stable. It's been around since 2014 and it's already on its fifth year of production. It also doesn't use the brand's current modular chassis, the Subaru Global Platform. So if there's any car in the range that is in need of a full model change, that would be the Levorg.

So what will it be like?

What is most likely is the new platform. As most Subaru vehicles have moved on to the new Global Platform, and given the fact that the Impreza rides on it, we can expect the Levorg to follow suit. One thing we can also expect is all-wheel drive. This is Subaru, after all - a company known for making all-wheel standard in almost every model they make. And we doubt that Subaru will deviate from the boxer engine configuration any time soon.

With the e-Boxer program in full swing, there is a high possibility of the Levorg getting a hybrid option as well. It's already being used in the XV and Forester, two of Subaru's highest selling products. Also, the Subaru Global Architecture can accommodate hybrid and electric powertrains as well. It could even use the 2.0-liter e-Boxer hybrid that makes 145 PS and 188 Nm of torque. We rather enjoyed driving it, so we have high expectations for the next-gen Levorg.

That's the hybrid covered, but what about the rest of the range? That is still unknown but the tried and tested 1.6-liter boxer turbo could be a fit. There's also 2.0-liter from the Forester and XV, albeit non-turbocharged. A high-performance model on the other hand doesn't sound promising as Subaru is committed to hybrid power. Then again, that's what some thought until they unveiled the Levorg STI Sport.

Whatever the case may be, it has been suggested that the all-new Levorg will make an appearance at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. We'll watch out for it come October to see if the forecast is, indeed, accurate.