No need to have a detailer remove bird poop marks on your car's paint

One of the last things you want to see on your vehicle is bird poop, especially after a fresh car wash. If you don’t see it and remove it immediately, it can cause a lot of harm to your vehicle’s paint. Leave for quite a long time and it can even leave a mark that won’t go away even after a bit of buffing. Fortunately, this company has created a new treatment that prevents bird poop from damaging your car’s precious paint job.

UK company Autoglym recently introduced their new product called Reflow which will repair caused by bird poo deposits “harmlessly and with minimal hands-on use”. According to Autoglym, the product is a water-activated heat treatment that you simply apply and leave. It will then work its magic on dull and etched lacquer surfaces, with the application only taking around 30 minutes.

New treatment prevents bird poop from damaging car paint image

To use the product, the company says that all it needs is water to be activated. You then apply the Reflow pack to the damaged area. It will then heat up the lacquer surface and allows it to ‘self-heal’ as the damaged lacquer, which can become distorted or misshapen, flows into itself to seal the damaged area.

Using the Autoglym Reflow, it makes repairing car paint damaged from bird poop a lot easier. Compared to the traditional way of fixing damaged paint, it usually takes hours of waxing and buffing. In worse conditions, some bird poo damaged paint even requires wet sanding just to bring back the original finish.

New treatment prevents bird poop from damaging car paint image

As much as the product is easy to use, Autoglym does say it “won’t necessarily work on old or badly tarnished paint finishes”. However, they add that most minor imperfections on newer paint will be “instantly and permanently repaired”.

Hopefully, we get to see Autoglym Reflow being offered locally. It would certainly help vehicle owners that don’t have a covered garage and are often peppered with bird droppings. Rather than spending on an expensive repaint or detailing job, they can just apply this product.