By this point it is very hard to contest the fact that the Ford Mustang is a household name among cars in general. With the model spanning half a century in existence with various generations that carry on to this day, the Mustang has secured itself as an institution among car enthusiasts. That said, Ford was very keen to prove that the love for their pony car is still strong to this day – hence leading to their record attempt for the longest trail of Mustangs in a parade.

Held last September 7th at Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium, Ford was able to round up a total of 1,326 Mustangs from all across Europe to set a new parade record. This eclipses the previous record set by Ford at 960 cars in Toluca, Mexico back in December 2017.

New record for largest parade of Ford Mustangs set in Belgium image

Vehicles and drivers were briefed and rehearsed beforehand to parade their vehicles 20 meters apart in complete cadence. To top it all off, there was even a short choreography by Mustang owners to celebrate the Mustang’s 55th anniversary this year.

The variety from this attempt of course goes beyond the current generation of Mustang. Every model from its first iteration back in 1964 was well represented – with a few special models thrown into the mix here and there.

New record for largest parade of Ford Mustangs set in Belgium image

The Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium proved to be the ideal spot to make the record attempt considering it has roughly 80 kms worth of road for the parade to snake around. To make this record possible, 100 employees from Ford’s proving grounds acted as marshals to keep everything in check.

So, will America try to take this back record anytime soon? The Mustang is as good a representation of America, it only seems appropriate that another record should be attempted on home soil.