New record for tightest parallel parking set


By German stunt driver Ronny Wechselberger

The world record for the world's tightest parallel parking has been broken yet again. The one responsible for this amazing feat was the German stunt driver named Ronny 'Ronny C' Rock' Wechselberger.

Ronny C' Rock managed to put himself on the Guinness World Records by squeezing in a Volkswagen Up! measuring 11 feet and 7.37 inches long into a space measuring 12 feet and 0.88 inches long giving him the record for the world's tightest parallel parking with 5.51 inches of space left on either end of the car.

The previous record was achieved last May by Chinese driver Han Yue who drove a MINI Cooper and was able to get the job done with 5.91 inches of space left.

Watch the spectacular record breaking stunt of Ronny C' Rock below

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