Motorists will soon be able to travel between Angono and Antipolo with ease. Recently, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) announced that a new diversion will reduce travel time between Angono and Antipolo.

Measuring a total of 6.97-kilometers, the soon-to-be-completed diversion road will traverse Barangay San Isidro in Angono, and Barangay Mahabang Parang near the boundary of Angono and Antipolo. When finshied, the diversion road is expected to decongest traffic in the Municipality of Taytay, and along Manggahan Floodway which are frequented by motorists heading to and from the inner parts of Rizal.

The four-lane diversion road is divided into three packages: with A and B now at 49.5% and 45% completion, respectively. Meanwhile, Package C now has an approved allocation of PhP 150 million and will be constructed soon.

“Going in and out of Rizal will soon be traffic jam-free with the completion of this project. Packages A and B of the four-lane bypass road now have a significant accomplishment, with a 49.5 percent and 45.08 percent completion rate, respectively,” said Mark Villar, DPWH Secretary.

With a total budget of PhP 122 million from the 2018 DPWH Regular Infrastructure Program, the gov't agency is looking to finish Packages A and B of the diversion road by June of this year.