Traveling to, from, and within Tagaytay City could improve after the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recently announced that they will be opening two sections of the Tagaytay City Bypass Road later this month.

Called the Maitim and Kaybagal sections, the initial segments will have a combined length of 1.54-kilometers and will serve to shorten travel time to and from the popular tourist destination.

“The opening of these two (2) sections this October is only the beginning as we have been prioritizing the inclusion of the Tagaytay Bypass Road Project in the national budget since 2018,” said Mark Villar, DPWH Secretary.

The new bypass road, which will span a total length of 8.59-kilometers, will divert traffic from congested city roads of Tagaytay. The new thoroughfare will cut through Luksuhin, Sikat, Zambal, Guinhawa, Patutong Malaki, Balagbag, Kaybagal, and Maitim. Once completed, the Tagaytay City Bypass Road is expected to reduce travel time from Alfonso, Cavite to Tagaytay City from 53 minutes to only 20 minutes.

For now, the DPWH is busy doing concrete works on the 746-meter Balagbag Section, 590-meter Guinhawa section, and the 580-meter Patuto Section 3. The DPWH is also conducting road-opening works on the 1.32-kilometer Salaban segment.

The DPWH has so far used PhP 466.24 million in the new bypass road project. For the entire road project to be completed, the DPWH will need an additional PhP 1.08 billion in funds to finish concrete works, as well as in right-of-way acquisition of the remaining sections of the road project.

With Tagaytay City already being a popular tourist destination, the initial opening of the new bypass road will surely help decongest other city roads, as well as cut travel time or those planning to go to Tagaytay soon.