Range anxiety is still a common fear when it comes to driving electric vehicles. Tesla is continuously improving the range of their electric vehicles to help assure people that they will have nothing to worry about. Upcoming units of the Model S and Model X will feature an upgraded drivetrain design which would extend each vehicle range per charge. No changes were made to the 100 kWh battery pack. Instead, the extra range comes more efficient drive units.

New Tesla EVs can now

The new Model S Long Range now has 595 km of range in a single charge, a 56km increase over the previous unit. Meanwhile, the Model X Long Range is now capable of going 523km in a single charge gaining an additional 48km. Aside from the long-range variants, the Performance version also gets more range. The Model S Performance sees its range bumped to 555km and the Model X Performance to 490km. 

Aside from the range increase, Tesla says that the upgraded powertrain has made the Model S and Model X sprint from 0 to 97km/h faster. The Long Range Model S achieves it in just 3.7 seconds (0.4 seconds faster than the base Model S at 4-seconds). Meanwhile, the Model X Long Range achieves this in 4.4 seconds (-0.2s) compared to 4.6 seconds in the base Model X.

New on the Model S and Model X are the capability to recharge using 200kW V3 superchargers for faster charging. New adaptive air suspension will also be available that will adjust depending on road conditions and driving style for a better ride.

New Tesla EVs can now

To give you an idea on the new Model S and Model X’s range, the EVs can now go from Quezon City to La Union and back, with just one full charge. Perfect for those spontaneous beach getaways. Now, if only we had Tesla and more EV charging stations in the Philippines.