Driving an all-new Toyota Prius is not only good for the environment and kind to your fuel budget, future owners will soon literally feel ‘cool’ owning one.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has just developed new paint technology that refracts light from the sun in order to keep the cabin cool in order to save fuel by keeping the operation of the air-conditioning system at a minimum.

This is made possible by replacing the common coloring agent carbon black with titanium oxide that is commonly used for bright shades like white.

The result is a new shade of paint called Thermo-tect Lime Green that acts like insulation by maintaining the cabin temperature while blocking the heating effect of the sun on the Prius’ exterior.

In tests done by TMC, Thermo-tect Lime Green has outperformed other shades of paint available, including white coats in deflecting heat and has also shown ‘a certain resistance to discoloration by ultra-violet light’, which means your vehicle’s paint job will last a little longer.

Currently, only the Thermo-tect Lime Green shade has this technology although TMC explains that this may be replicated in other colors in the future.

It will be made initially available to the Japan market before it makes its way to the rest of the world.