Toyota establishes new carbon neutral development center

Like most companies in the automobile industry, Toyota is going green. The Japanese marque recently introduced the concept version of its first production electric vehicle called the bZ4X. It will be the first of many more EV models to come from Toyota. Aside from their new lineup of EVs, Toyota also has hybrids and even hydrogen models on sale.

Toyota isn't stopping the green initiative with just their cars. To help reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality as a whole, the automaker will be doing more than that. One of those is by establishing the CN (Carbon Neutral) Advanced Engineering Development Center.

Rather than having separate entities working on similar projects, Toyota combined their Advanced R&D and Engineering Company and Powertrain Company to form the CN Advanced Engineering Development Center. The newly created development center will be responsible for technological development related to electrified vehicle technology like the advancement of new battery development.

Toyota will also be consolidating their workforces in one location. Doing so can help speed up the development of new tech that could be used in upcoming EVs and hybrid vehicles. As a result of the new development center, several key management changes had to be made as new leaders had to be filled in.

The center will not be focusing on just automotive technology, as Toyota says they will do work at the center towards the promotion of the utilization of renewable energy at their other facilities. As a carbon-neutral development center, Toyota will promote the use of CN technology like sunlight/solar and the facilitation of various other methods.

Toyota really is out to help make the world a better place to live, drive, and breathe in.