Prefer your Mini to be both eco-friendly and ready for off the beaten path?

Well Mini has come up with something specifically for that as the company recently launched the Countryman Panamericana Plug-in Hybrid at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Set to cover nearly 25,800 km, the unique plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is out to prove that hybrids are not only meant for short drives around towns or cities.

New York 2018: Hybrid Mini Countryman ready for Panamerican adventure

It was purposely-designed for the grueling journey and gets a host of upgrades to better suit it for the long road ahead. For starters, it comes with run-flat tires as standard along with additional illumination for better night time visibility. It even gets a roof rack which can carry extra cargo as well as a spare wheel in case the need arises.

Throughout its journey, the Panamericana PHEV will take on paved and gravel roads, dense jungles, steep mountain passes, muddy terrain, as well as the occasional narrow pathways along the famous Pan-American Highway. It also needs to board a ship in Panama to get to Colombia.

Beside the various terrains the Mini has to face, the hybrid crossover also needs to brave humidity, hot & cold temperatures and diverse climates.

New York 2018: Hybrid Mini Countryman ready for Panamerican adventure

Powering the Countryman PHEV is a three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine that is helped along by an electric motor. It has a combined system output of 224 PS and can run on full electric power for 42 km. It also has an electric top speed of 125 km/h. It also comes with an intelligent all-wheel drive system which preciesely controls the interaction between the front and rear wheels with the electric motor.

A total of three Countryman Panamericana PHEVs will tackle the intercontinental route and will demonstrate the reliability and long-distance performance of plug-in hybrids.