Honda reveals N7X Concept vehicle

Remember that teaser Honda Indonesia released last week? We couldn’t tell what model it was, but we suspected it was either the next-generation BR-V, Mobilio, or a completely new model possibly called the "ZR-V". If you guessed it was the BR-V, you're close.

Meet the Honda N7X Concept, and by all indications it’s an early preview of the next-generation BR-V. As it is, the N7X looks very different from the current BR-V, but there are no surprises there as the first-generation BR-V was introduced back in 2016, making it one of the oldest models in the lineup.

Compared to the BR-V, the N7X Concept looks a lot bigger. Unfortunately, Honda did not disclose details regarding the concept’s dimensions but we expect it to be longer and possibly wider than the current BR-V. It also appears to have a longer wheelbase.

Honda N7X image

Style-wise, the N7X looks more like a proper crossover than MPV. The concept features a design language similar to the current City, Civic, and Accord. There are slim headlight headlights framed by L-shaped LED daytime running lights. The grille has also been upsized and extends down to the bumper which features a larger intake and corner vents. Overall, the design makes the N7X look somewhat sportier.

While the N7X looks like a completely new model from the front, the same can’t be said about the side and rear end. It retains a similar greenhouse as the current BR-V, including the upward kink at the rear quarter window. However, the N7X features a single character line down the side instead of multiple ones. Black fender moldings add a rugged touch to the crossover. Compared to the aggressive-looking front, the rear end of the N7X is quite sedate, featuring a pair of slim LED taillights and black trim on the lower half of the bumper.

Honda N7X image

Honda did not disclose what’s under the hood of the N7X, but it is likely a naturally-aspirated mill that powers the front wheels. All-wheel drive will likely not be an option. There are no photos of the interior as well, but we do know it will seat seven because it was revealed in Indonesia; a country where 7-seaters are the norm, not the exception. Hopefully Honda will let us know more about it in the coming months.

Do you like what you see so far? We certainly do. Let’s just hope the designers don’t tone down its aggressive styling for the production model too much. Hopefully Honda also elevated the ground clearance of the BR-V as that is what many customers in our market want.

As for when we will see the next-gen BR-V, there’s no word yet. But, if the introduction of the N7X Concept is any indication, it’s very soon.