The Japanese automaker has just announced that the company’s next-generation Civic will be based off the European variant and will be sold not only in Europe, but in other key global markets as well.

Honda did not state when it will be released but they did say that it will be built in the company’s Swindon facility in the UK, remarking that it will become the “global production hub” of the upcoming nameplate.

The automaker added that they plan to invest more than GBP 200 million (about PhP 13.2 billion) into the Swindon facility to retrofit the factory with the latest in car manufacturing and processing, making global production of the next-generation five-door Civic possible.

“By establishing HUM (Honda UK Manufacturing) as a global production facility for the Civic five door, Honda is demonstrating its long-term commitment to manufacturing in the UK and Europe. We look forward to making the most of the opportunity to export this model not only to our European customers, but also, to key global markets,” said Jason Smith, HUM Director.

Note: Pictured above is the Honda Civic Sport that is on sale in Europe.