It's been nearly five years since we first saw the Honda Mobilio; six if you live in Indonesia. Honda's entry-level seven-seater has been proven a hit with buyers around the region, giving them the option of an MPV without breaking the bank.

The thing is, the production cycle of a typical Japanese car is about five years. That means the Mobilio should be due for a full model change by now. Given that its prime competitor, the Suzuki Ertiga, was totally redesigned last year, Honda must be doing something about that by now.

As it turns out, they have. Honda has, indeed, been working on the development of the second-generation Mobilio. The Business Innovation and Sales Marketing Director of Honda Prospect Motor, Yusak Billy, has mentioned what the next-generation compact MPV will (or might) be like.

So what will it be like then?

According to Billy, customer clinics have been suggesting to Honda that they make it bigger. With that in mind, do expect it to gain a few more inches from bumper to bumper. Not only that, Honda Indonesia also wants to give a sneak peek of the car later this year if everything goes to plan.

As for the engine and design, that's where Billy kept it under wraps. Again, we'll have to wait and see for the final product to come out. What is likely is that Honda might come up with a concept first to serve as the design inspiration of the Mobilio then eventually reveal the production car a few months or a year after the concept is shown.

Billy said that, if all goes to plan, they want to show or preview the car (or its concept) at this year's Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show or GIIAS. With the annual auto show set in August of this year, the Mobilio might start production a few months after. A 2021 launch seems likely, meaning the Philippines could get it next year as well.

Of course, that will all depend if the car will make an appearance this year.

Source: Autonetmagz