Today, there are only a handful of brand new cars you can buy with a manual transmission. Fortunately, there are a few automakers out there who still believe in three pedals, and one of them is BMW. Unlike Volkswagen’s new, more efficient manual transmission, the Bavarian automaker is reportedly keeping the stick shift to give their upcoming M performance cars more feel and driving pleasure.

In a report by BMW Blog, BMW M boss Markus Flasch said that the next-generation M3 and M4 will still be offered with a manual transmission option. Furthermore, Flasch adds that the upcoming M3 and M4 will also have all-wheel drive as an option and will fully be revealed sometime in 2020 as a 2021 model year car.

“It’s a bit early to disclose all the details but something I want to highlight is that we will have a manual stick shift,” said Flasch.

If the M3 and M4 do come in 2020 with a stick shift option, it would secure the future of manual M cars for a good number of years. Considering the number of performance vehicles with a manual option on the market, this is certainly some good news for enthusiasts.

“Manual is very important,” added Flasch. “The manual stick shift is not a performance-bringer, because an automatic transmission is just faster, you can ask any race driver. But it gives the vehicle character and I kind of compare it to people who love mechanical watches; it isn’t more precise and it doesn’t have any advantage at all but it’s a character feature. So is a stick shift.”

While this is good news for most enthusiasts, it also means that the only way you can own a manual 3 Series is through the more expensive M version. That, or you have to settle for something used.

Source: BMW Blog