Nissan's answer to further introduce electric mobility to the masses will soon be realized. Set to be revealed in September, the all-new electric (EV) hatchback will have a more aerodynamic design and will be slightly lower than its predecessor according to Nissan.

In light of this, the automaker recently released a new teaser image of the second-generation Leaf. Based on the image provided, the new Leaf will have a sleeker and more aggressive design. In addition, Nissan said that they took inspiration from airplane wings. This allowed the engineers to recreate the ideal shape of the Leaf for a symmetric airflow.

The more aerodynamic design also allowed Nissan to give the new Leaf less drag and improved stability. With it, the automaker claimed this will enable the new EV hatchback better range. On the other hand, its lower stance means it will be less susceptible to lift at highways speeds. When faced with strong crosswinds, Nissan added that the Leaf will have new technologies that will keep it stable on the road.

The all-new Nissan Leaf in prototype form

Last June, our spies were able to spot a camouflaged prototype of the all-new Leaf. In comparison with the teaser image provided, the next-generation EV hatchback does look lower and sleeker than the outgoing model. Moreover, the prototype appears to have dual projector headlights along with LED daytime running lights (DRLs). Also vastly different is the hatchback's rear which gets new taillights and a tapered roof which appears to integrate with the tailgate.

It is expected that the second-generation Leaf will have double the range of the current model as it will reportedly have a 60 kWh battery pack. If indeed true, then the new Leaf may have twice the current model's 172 km range.