In the current Nissan car range, there are two models that are over a decade old. Both of these are performance-related, namely the GT-R and the 370Z.

Now, there’s still no word when an all-new GT-R will be launched, but there is a bit of news surrounding the Z car. There’s a redesigned one coming soon, and it seems that the wait won’t be much longer.

Next-gen Nissan Z coming soon, to have ‘heritage’ styling image

There’s no exact date yet but it has been reported that the next-gen Z-car will come with what they call ‘heritage’ styling. So, what does that mean to the rest of us?

That means we might see even more retro hints on the future Z-Car. As it is though, the past two generations have been inspired by the original 240Z, so it will be interesting how they do the styling on the future model.

Next-gen Nissan Z coming soon, to have ‘heritage’ styling image

Autoblog reports that a source close to the matter shared that the overall styling of the upcoming Z-Car will supposedly be similar to the current 370Z. The front end will apparently look like that of the current 370Z albeit mixed with some styling cues from the 240Z. Meanwhile, the rear-end will reportedly resemble that of the Z32 300ZX. 

Aside from this new bit of info, the possible engine for the new Z-Car has been mentioned as well. It is said that the sports coupe will be going for the turbocharged route. Looking at the current Nissan engine range, the 3.0-liter V6 turbo seems the likeliest option. Power is said to be in the ballpark of 350 to 400 PS.

Next-gen Nissan Z coming soon, to have ‘heritage’ styling image

With the current Z in dire need of a new generation, expectations will be high for this future model. Let’s hope that the all-new Z-Car will be worth the long, long wait.