When the all-new Supra officially came out, there were rumors going around that the 86 – BRZ sports coupes were set to be discontinued. However, in April of 2019, a Subaru spokesperson said that the Toyobaru twins will live on for another generation.

All well and good, but there was one thing that have kept us wondering for the past few months, what engine will the all-new 86 / BRZ have under the hood? Apparently, the naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter FA20 will be replaced by an even bigger engine, the 2.4-liter FA24 derived from the three-row Ascent.

However, unlike the crossover which gets a helping hand from forced induction (i.e. turbo), the FA24 on the next-generation 86 / BRZ will supposedly be naturally-aspirated. With it, we may expect the new sports coupes to produce around 220 – 230 PS and maybe have around 250 – 260 Nm of torque. A choice of either a manual or automatic transmissions could still be available for both coupes.

Next-gen Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ to get 2.4-liter Boxer? image

Without any clear plans of introducing a turbocharged powertrain, it looks like Toyota and Subaru still want to deliver a sporty driving experience for the two coupes without the help of a turbo. While this does answer some of their customers' wish to have more power, it's not exactly a big of a leap as some might have expected.

As to when the all-new Toyobaru coupes will debut, they could arrive some time next year or before 2021. A concept may also likely debut at the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Motor Show in October.

Whether it does get a turbo or not, at least both brands appeared to have listened to customer's woes of wanting more power from the 86 and BRZ. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait for long before they are actually revealed in the metal.

Source: Best Car Japan