Toyota is readying up for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and has released new photos and details of an all-new concept. Simply called the Crown Concept, it previews the next-generation Crown and is now underpinned by the brand's Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

Built and designed 'in pursuit of driving performance and connected technology', the Crown Concept features a redesigned exterior along with new technologies. With the concept of 'Fun to Drive', Toyota claims that the Crown was redesigned from scratch. Compared to the current fourteenth-generation model, the concept has a sharper, sleeker finish. Both the headlights and taillights appeared to have been reshaped, along with the grill, doors and side panels.

In terms of size, the Crown Concept measures 4,910 mm long, 1,800 mm wide, 1,455 mm tall and has a 2,920 mm wheelbase. Side-by-side with the outgoing model, the concept is 25mm longer, 40mm taller and the wheelbase is longer by 60mm. Width remains the same, however.

Toyota previews next-gen Crown in Tokyo Motor Show concept

Aside from the exterior, the Crown Concept will also be equipped with 'Data Communication Modules' (DCM). Basically, Toyota plans on improving connected technology by gathering data from vehicles and traffic, which will then be processed to solve and reduce traffic jams. This could mean the next-gen Crown could come with some sort of smart technology that can be used in self-driving tech and improving vehicular maintenance.

With the new TNGA platform, Toyota also stated that the Crown Concept will deliver better handling and on-road stability. To date, the brand has been busy testing the sedan at the infamous Nurburgring. Toyota, however did not mention as to what type of engine is under the hood of the Crown Concept.

A suite of safety systems and driver assist features will be available as well including automatic braking. With DCM installed, the Crown Concept can also recognize traffic signals in a city which can be used in for safer driving by sharing with other cars.

The Toyota Crown Concept will officially make its world debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.