The next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser is possibly one of the most highly anticipated models to debut alongside its more luxurious Lexus counterpart, the LX. With the current-generation 200-series having been in production for around 12 years now, the question is when will the all-new model arrive and what's in it, and what's in store for us who eagerly await its arrival?

Last we read about the upcoming Land Cruiser, development has been held up due to a last minute design change. This means that its debut along with production could be delayed. According to, the original design of the upcoming model was said look too similar to that of the current model. A Toyota official even reportedly said it could pass off just as a minor model change. However, a new report suggests that everything seems to be right on schedule for Toyota's upcoming flagship SUV.

According to Bestcarweb and other Japanese websites, the all-new Land Cruiser is set to debut in the latter half of 2020 with the concept model possibly making an appearance later this year at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Should this be true, it likely shows that the design change might not have delayed the model's launch. That, or they just decided to stick with the original design. 

Next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser: What we know so far image

Styling wise, expect the all-new Land Cruiser to follow Toyota's current design language. That said, expect the next-gen model's front fascia to have a large grill complimented by sharp lines all around and large side-air intakes similar to the Vellfire and Alphard.

As for it's powertrain, it was previously mentioned that the V8 gasoline engine will be dropped in favor of the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 paired to a ten-speed automatic found in the Lexus LS. A turbo hybrid option could also be added into the mix. There is still no word whether the diesel-V8 found in locally sold Land Cruisers will be dropped. At this point however, nothing is certain yet.

Toyota's latest safety features and technology such as night-vision and pedestrian collsion detection avoidance will also make it into the next-gen Land Cruiser.

The Land Cruiser's more luxurious sister car, the LX, is also being developed together and will likely be revealed around the same time. However, the report says that the LX will have a completely revised exterior and interior inorder to differentiate it from the Land Cruiser, and give it a more exclusive Lexus look.

With Toyota still tight lipped about the upcoming Land Cruiser, the only thing we can do now is wait until official word starts popping up.