The brand known for making seatbelts standard equipment back in 1959, recently revealed a new range of child seats that promises to be more comfortable and safer for babies and kids.

According to the company, the new rearward-facing child seats are upholstered in a more breathable and snug fabric that is 80% textile wool. This allows the seats to have a soft-touch texture, improved wearing properties for repeat usages and better-performing against hot and cold climates.

The new Infant Child Seat from Volvo

Meanwhile, the seats themselves feature a slimmer design that aim to deliver more legroom and overall safety.

“Our focus is on ensuring that young children travel in the safest manner possible, depending upon their size and age. This means rearward-facing up to the age of at least 3 or 4 years and after that with child seats or booster cushions up to 140 cm in height,” said Lotta Jakobsson, Senior Technical Leader, Injury Prevention at Volvo Cars Safety Center.

The new Child Seat from Volvo

To be available by June 2016 in select markets, the new child seats will be available in three models, depending on the age or size.

The new Booster Seat from Volvo

-Infant Seat – rearward-facing (up to 13kg or 1 year old)

-Child Seat – rearward-facing for children from 9 months up to 6 years (at least 3-4 years old as recommended by Volvo)

-Booster Seat – forward-facing for children who have outgrown the rearward-facing seats (from 3-10 years old)