Pickups, vans and 4x4s aside, it's rather unusual for a Japanese automaker to let a vehicle go more than five years without a full model change. Nissan seems to be stretching the shelf life of some of their models, though. Case in point: the Juke.

First revealed in 2010, the Juke is one of Nissan's oldest cars being sold in their current product portfolio. By the third quarter of this year however, they plan to rectify that as it has been reported that the all-new model is due to be revealed by September. This new bit of information comes from Japanese motoring website Response.jp.

So what will the next-generation Juke be like? So far there are heavily camouflaged pre-production cars driving around Europe. By the looks of things, the all-new Juke will have an evolutionary redesign, but it could still retain its bold looks. There's still heavy camouflage, but expect teasers in the coming months.

Details are scarce at the moment but Response.jp does say that the next-generation Juke will ride on the new CFM-B platform and have a longer wheelbase. Engines on the other hand are touted to be small displacement, turbocharged mills. Likely options include a boosted 1.0-liter, three-cylinder unit, a bigger 1.6-liter, four cylinder, and a 1.5-liter turbodiesel from Renault. e-Power technology could also be applied to the small crossover, similar to the Note and NV200 van.

With the Tokyo Motor Show also being held this year, it could make its Asian debut by October and eventually make its way around the continent in the succeeding years.

Source: Response.jp

Note: Main photo used is current-generation Nissan Juke