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Nikola rolls out hydrogen-powered One semi-truck


Hydrogen-electric semi truck produces more than 1,000 PS

Nikola Motor Company has recently unveiled a hydrogen-electric semi-truck called the One, which produces more than 1,000 PS and 2,712 Nm of torque. With this model, the company targets to reform the trucking business.

Equipped with a 320-kWh lithium battery, the hydrogen-electric truck can cover nearly 1, 300 to 2,000 kilometers on a single charge, depending on the hydrogen tank and battery specification.


The company said that the Nikola One will return the equivalent of 7 km/l. This means that the truck will be as efficient as the conventional diesel-powered semi-truck. In addition, it will also weigh 907 kg lighter.

Starting in January 2018, the company announced that it will start building one of the 364 stations for the hydrogen trucks.

Before that, however, the manufacturer will need a plant, which is expected to be built next year. Nikola Motors also claims that once it is done, it can deliver of up to 50,000 units annually. The company will also team up with Fitzgerald to produce the first 5,000 units, to be delivered by 2020.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer also offers a cheaper version dubbed Nikola Two. Both trucks will be offered with a leasing program as well as a warranty and a scheduled maintenance.

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