The Pasig branch of the Philippine National Police gets a fleet upgrade. The city acquired 30 new units of the Nissan Almera for patrol duties around the city. Earlier today, Mayor Vico Sotto turned over the new patrol cars to the city's police force.

Nissan Almera patrol cars report for duty in Pasig image

No, it's not the all-new Almera. Besides, it isn't even out locally just yet. Instead, it's the soon-to-be outgoing model that puts on a police uniform. Perhaps fittingly, all the Almera police cars wear blue paint, in tune with the city's new color scheme. Even the livery on the sides of the cars is blue. Mayor Sotto also said its size makes it a good fit for driving around the tight streets. That's something that can't be said about the patrol pick-ups.

Judging from the photos, the Almeras reporting for duty appears to be the 1.5 E models. The alloy wheels and the lack of fog lights hint it's the mid-spec variant. It wasn't mentioned if the units come with automatic or manual transmissions, but we're betting on the latter. If you're curious about the specs, the 1.5-liter engine in the Almera is good for 99 PS and 134 Nm of torque. It's no speed machine, but it is easy on fuel. Besides, nothing can outrun a radio.

Nissan Almera patrol cars report for duty in Pasig image

Pasig cops can expect a lot of room in the Almera. Whoever sits at the back won't be jammed against the front seat. Also, the large trunk is more than enough for police to put whatever equipment they need for patrolling duties. Plus, it's a Nissan, so you can bet the air-conditioning will keep everyone cool during a long and tiring shift.

With that, the Almera joins the Pasig Police's fleet of Hilux and D-Max pick-ups, along with a few Montero Sport units. If you live in Pasig, you might even see these cars patrolling the streets this weekend.