Nissan Ariya concept is actually a production ready, EV crossover

Remember the Nissan IMx concept from a few years ago? If not, let's jog your memory. The IMx was touted to be Nissan's first electric crossover, accompanying the Leaf as part of the automaker's EV lineup.

Fast forward two years later and it seems that it has evolved into the Ariya, and it looks like it's ready for production, too.

Nissan Ariya concept image

Unlike the IMx, the Ariya doesn't have the extreme, exaggerated designs typically associated with concepts. The Ariya looks streamlined, clean, and ready to hit the road. For starters, it actually has side mirrors, whereas concept cars don't. Also, the wheels aren't extremely low-profile either, hinting that this is more of a thinly veiled concept rather than a design study.

Nissan Ariya concept image

It's also worth pointing out that the Ariya is 4.6 meters long, which is about the same size as a Nissan X-Trail. Once it reaches production, Nissan will be the first mainstream automaker to build a pure electric vehicle in the C-segment crossover class. At the moment, all its potential competitors are either diesel, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid.

Nissan Ariya concept image

There are no specifics on the Ariya's powertrain just yet. However, they did mention, that it is all-wheel drive, thanks two its dual-motor system. Nissan adds that the all-wheel drive tech used in the Ariya is similar to the one you can find in the GT-R.

Nissan Ariya concept imageNissan Ariya concept image

Inside, Nissan seems to have a fondness for minimalism. The dash has a clean, smooth design with little in the way of physical buttons. Instead, controls are down to haptic touches on the center stack and the touchscreen. Both the infotainment screen and instrument cluster are integrated into one piece, making the dash look expansive.

Because it's a concept car, it's packed with tech. It has an enhanced version of Nissan's Intelligent Mobility system which adds hands-off autonomous driving capabilities and what they call ProPilot Remote Parking. The latter is particularly useful for finding a parking slot, letting the car do the parking instead of you waiting around for a space to open up. It also brings smartphone connectivity on a whole new level as you can personalize the vehicle based on the details and profiles on your cellphone.

Nissan Ariya concept image

While not all these technologies will be available by next year, Nissan is working on how to make these a reality. ProPilot 2.0, for instance, reached production two years after its first iteration was shown to the public.