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Nissan Autonomous Drive technology ready by 2020


Self driving cars to be commercially viable by 2020

The President and CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Carlos Ghosn, announced the company’s timetable for the Autonomous Drive technology system at Yokohama, Japan.

Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technology is designed to enhance road safety and driving conditions. Ghosn said the technology includes automated lane controls and highway traffic management systems that will be introduced over the next four years.


"By the end of 2016, Nissan will make available the next two technologies under its autonomous drive strategy. We are bringing to market a traffic-jam pilot, a technology enabling cars to drive autonomously – and safely – on congested highways. In the same timeframe, we will make fully-automated parking systems available across a wide range of vehicles," Ghosn said.

With this, the Japanese automaker aims to demonstrate the viability and value of the Autonomous Drive system, which Nissan intends to be commercially viable by 2020.

Ghosn added that in 2018, Nissan will introduce the multiple-lane controls that allows cars to “autonomously negotiate hazards and change lanes.”

Furthermore, Ghosn said that Nissan will also introduce the multiple-lane controls system. 

“Before the end of the decade, we will introduce intersection-autonomy, enabling vehicles to negotiate city cross-roads without driver intervention," Ghosn added.

Ghosn noted that the company expects more than 1.5 million Nissan vehicles to be connected in order to enhance the communications by next year. Through a “cloud-based” system, the company believes that it will offer better access to social media, entertainment apps and voice recognition software among others.

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