We already know that Nissan will be launching the 100% electric Leaf in the Philippines and Indonesia by 2020. In fact, the confirmation came from Yutaka Sanada, Nissan Regional Senior Vice President, Nissan Motor Asia & Oceania last Saturday at the Nissan Futures event held in Hong Kong. But aside from the Leaf, will more electric vehicles from Nissan be heading our way too?

In a statement, Nissan announced that they will also be introducing e-Power models in Asia and Oceania regions aside from the pure-electric Leaf. e-Power is essentially Nissan's version of a hybrid powertrain. Unlike a conventional hybrid system, however, the gasoline engine is used to charge a battery which in turn drives an electric motor. This allows users to enjoy the 'benefits of an EV' without needing to worry about charging the battery. 

Nissan bringing e-Power vehicles to Asia, Oceania region image

The first e-Power model to be introduced into the region will be the Serena e-Power, set to make its debut in Singapore later this year. Nissan did not mention which other countries will be offered with the Serena e-Power, but it is likely to be the whole Asia and Oceania region. Aside from the Serena, expect that other e-Power vehicles will follow in the future such as the Note e-Power, the production model of the IMQ Concept, and upcoming e-Power models. 

"e-Power, we believe, is the most pragmatic step towards electrification. In addition to introducing electrified mobility, Nissan is working on making them more accessible through electrification components assembly and localization in key Southeast Asian markets," said Sanada.

Nissan bringing e-Power vehicles to Asia, Oceania region image

Since the Serena is only built for right-hand drive markets, it is unlikely Nissan will offer it in the Philippines. That said, we will likely get e-Power models at a later date possibly once Nissan launches the Note e-Power or even the production model IMQ. 

The reason behind the influx of electric vehicles in the region is part of Nissan's midterm plan to bump EV sales in Asia and Oceania. Specifically, they plan to 'electrify one-fourth of its sales volume' in the region.