Imagine walking into a dealership and the first thing you see is a car that's not from the manufacturer. Unless we're missing something, this has to be a mistake, right? It's not if you step inside a Nissan showroom in the U.S. So, what exactly is going on here?

Nissan is either brilliant or insane with their latest marketing strategy image

Starting in December, some Nissan dealerships in the U.S will have Toyota RAV4 crossovers on display in their showrooms. That's because they want to show customers the advantages of the Rogue (X-Trail) over the RAV4. You could say that Nissan is either brilliant or insane for putting a direct competitor of their car in their showrooms. You can even say that Nissan has a lot of faith in the all-new Rogue.

It's a risky move by Nissan because they can lose a sale the moment the customer sees something they perceive as an advantage in the rival vehicle. Of course, the Nissan sales advisers will say things that are in favor of the Rogue/X-Trail, but it's down to the customer to make the decision. That said, it's extra training for the sales advisers since they can go around the competitor product in person.

Nissan is either brilliant or insane with their latest marketing strategy image

Will the move pay off? Well, the Rogue does come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with Google Assist, and even Siri (provided you use an Apple product). There's also rear cross-traffic alert and rear-automatic braking for safer reverse maneuvers. In the U.S, the X-Trail/Rogue comes with Nissan's Intelligent Mobility safety package as well. That includes a 360-degree camera, plus automatic emergency braking. However, the RAV4 has a more powerful engine, which might sway some customers towards Toyota.

Let's bring it to a local setting, shall we? This move is like Nissan Philippines putting Toyota Fortuners right beside the Terra in their showrooms. Of course, we don't see that happening here, but it sure makes for a unique car shopping experience. Kudos to Nissan if they get more sales out of it, but even if they don't, you can't fault them for trying something outside the box. The fact that it's talked about is a good sign as it's generating buzz for Nissan.

As they say, any publicity is good publicity.