When Nissan launched the 2021 Note, there was one detail that piqued our interest very much. According to the official press release, Nissan will expand the Note lineup with a “truly electric all-wheel-drive model”. The automaker goes on to say that this model will feature “powerful dual electric motors in the front and rear supplying power to all four wheels”. The best part? Nissan will roll it out this December 2020.

Nissan is building more-powerful, all-wheel-drive Note EV image

Nissan did not disclose any other features about the model apart from the details mentioned above. But, it confirms a pure electric and even more powerful version of the Note will be arriving next month. For reference, the current-generation Note uses Nissan's e-Power series hybrid powertrain. Unlike a traditional hybrid, it uses the gasoline engine as a generator with electric motors driving the front wheels.

The idea of an all-wheel-drive, fully-electric Note does remind us of a vehicle we drove in Japan last year – the Leaf Twin Motor Prototype, or as we like to call it, the 'Super Leaf'. At the time, Nissan didn't say whether a production version of the 'Super Leaf' would be built. However, they did say that the technology in the test vehicle will be in next-generation models. Considering the Note is an all-new model riding on a new platform, this might just be it.

If it is indeed the Super Leaf powertrain, then the AWD electric Note could become Nissan's most potent EV to date. In the prototype we drove, the twin-motor setup produced a combined output of 304 horsepower and 680 Nm torque, all of which could be delivered immediately, thanks to its electric powertrain. The all-wheel drive system in the Super Leaf was inspired by the ATTESA torque vectoring system found in the Skyline and GT-R models.

Whatever the case, the all-wheel drive electric Note is one vehicle we'll be looking out for this December. We hope Nissan decides to sell it locally along with the Note e-Power sometime in the future.