The word "sporty" isn't the one that comes to when it comes to describing multi-purpose vehicles. But that doesn't mean manufacturers aren't trying to add a bit of zing to these family haulers. Nissan has done just that with its Livina MPV.

If the Livina looks familiar, that's because it's Nissan's interpretation of the Mitsubishi Xpander. But what they have done is add a Sporty edition, and it's limited to just 100 units. So what makes it unique in the first place?

The Livina Sporty Package only comes in black, and it comes with a kit that's made specifically for this model. To further highlight the kit, it comes with red highlights and provides a contrast to the black paint. To cap it all off, the side mirrors are also painted red as well. As for the rest of the MPV, it's largely the same as the standard model, right down to the wheels. That Sporty theme continues on the inside with red stitching on the seats.

Nissan adds a bit more spice to Livina MPV image

But aside from the appearance pack, the Sporty comes with more standard equipment. It comes with `Welcome' and `Coming Home' lights, along with an Around View Monitor (AVM) that displays various camera views, including a bird's-eye view of the vehicle.

This is mainly an appearance and feature package, so there are no changes under the hood. The Livina uses the same engine as its Mitsubishi counterpart. It makes a fraction less power than the Xpander at 104 PS (vs. 105 PS in the Mitsubishi), but torque is equal at 141 Nm. Nissan did not mention what transmission will be used for the Sporty model, but if it's based on the top-spec model, it will likely come with a four-speed automatic.

Since it's an Indonesia-exclusive model, the Livina Sporty won't be sold locally. However, there is a possibility of the Livina being sold here. But as to when, that's still up for debate.