Nissan X-Trail with e-Power coming to Europe soon

Nissan continues its ambitious plan to introduce more electrified models. As part of its Ambition 2030 plan, a total of 23 electrified models will be introduced by 2030, including 15 electric vehicles (EVs).

Among those that will be launched in the not-so-distant future is the Nissan X-Trail e-Power. That’s right, Nissan’s popular compact crossover will also be available with the company’s unique hybrid system. This was officially confirmed by the automaker yesterday when they announced that members of the Alliance will share 80% of vehicle platforms by 2030.

Nissan confirms X-Trail to get e-Power hybrid system image

While the exact specifications have yet to be fully revealed, Nissan did mention that the X-Trail’s e-Power system will be similar to the Qashqai’s. Since the Qashqai was already revealed last year, we won’t be surprised if the X-Trail e-Power will come with the same 1.5-liter e-Power setup.

In the Qashqai, the 1.5-liter mill makes an impressive 187 PS and 330 Nm of torque. But instead of powering the vehicle directly, Nissan’s unique e-Power system uses the engine as a generator for the electric motors. Meanwhile, the electric motors provide direct power to the wheels. Front-wheel drive will most likely come as standard, while an all-wheel-drive option could be available.

Nissan confirms X-Trail to get e-Power hybrid system image

For Nissan, the e-Power setup eliminates range anxiety that most electric car owners face when going on long road trips. With a gasoline-powered 1.5-liter mill serving as a generator, drivers can simply go to their nearest gas station and fill up.

There’s no word yet as to when Nissan will reveal the X-Trail e-Power. But given that the Qashqai e-Power has been on sale since last year, it could only be a matter of time before the automaker unveils it. Once revealed, it will join Nissan's growing list of e-Power models that include the Kicks, Sylphy, Note, and the aforementioned Qashqai.

Nissan confirms X-Trail to get e-Power hybrid system image

With Europe most likely the first market to receive the X-Trail e-Power, we’re hoping Nissan also make it available to other markets like the Philippines in order to make electrified models more mainstream in the country.