Normally, when an automaker reveals an electric vehicle concept, it's usually in the form of a car or a crossover. The idea of an all-electric pickup or large SUV has yet to be discussed, at least, until now.

Speaking to Hideyuki Sakamoto, Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Nissan, he believes that an all-electric powertrain for these types of vehicles are not viable. However, he does believe that  there is another way to make  pickups and SUVs more eco-friendly.

The executive believes that hybrid power is a more viable solution for larger vehicles than going full electric. He specifically mentioned e-Power, Nissan's unique take on the hybrid powertrain. E-power works the opposite of a conventional hybrid powertrain.

Tokyo 2017: Nissan considering hybrid power for pickups, large SUVs

Whereas normal hybrids see the electric motor supplementing the gas engine, Nissan's e-power uses the gas engine to keep the electric motor fully charged. Sakamoto sees this as a better solution because he believes that an all-electric system might not be up to the task of carrying heavy loads or shuttling multiple passengers. He adds that e-power will help overcome the limitations of pure electric powetrains because of the assistance of an internal combustion engine.

While Nissan has mentioned the idea of a hybrid pickup, the Japanese automaker has yet to make a final decision on the concept. However given how Nissan is committed to expanding ther hybrid and electric range, it may be a possibility.