With Nissan’s latest iteration of the Frontier (or the Navarra for us local folk) built to cater to various lifestyles, it seems easy to dismiss it as a serious off-roading vehicle. Nissan’s design studio in Rio de Janeiro then set out to fix that by recreating the Frontier in full off-road guise by way of their new Frontier Attack Concept.

Geared towards Latin American markets, the Attack Concept was made to be a hardcore version of the standard Frontier that will take anything the expanse of Latin America can throw at it. To pull this off, Nissan lifted the Attack Concept by a good 40mm compared to standard spec and added chunky Yokohama mud-terrains to gain traction on any surface.

Nissan debuts the Frontier Attack Concept

Aside from the standard lift and big tires, the roofline has been stretched and seats inside have been made bigger to allow for better comfort during long trips. Following its added versatility during long trips, a luggage rack on top has also been added for more cargo capacity.

The concept’s red and chrome-black finish somewhat hark back to the 80’s when pickups used to have fancy labeling. Of course, the Attack concept comes with such stickers thanks to the gray “Attack” vinyl on its sides. The headlamps have also been blacked out to further add contrast to the bright exterior.

Nissan debuts the Frontier Attack Concept

While the exterior takes after the past, the Frontier Attack Concept’s innards are all about the future. Given this is a proper 4x4, Nissan have fitted its vehicle dynamic control system onto the Frontier to allow for better traction on any surface. The system allows for monitoring of the vehicle’s behavior real time and will apply the brakes or reduce engine speed if it senses any instability. Pair that with other features such as hill start assist or hill descent and its occupants shouldn’t have any problem tackling tough obstacles.

Nissan debuts the Frontier Attack Concept

Power will come from a 2.3L turbodiesel that pushes 190PS and 450Nm of torque through a six-speed manual gearbox. Nissan is keen to point out that the Frontier is the only vehicle in its class that has a rear multi-link setup paired with a rigid axle – giving it better ride characteristics than any conventional pickup.

Considering this exercise appears to gauge crowd interest in such a model, we may soon see a production version of this concept should Nissan deem reactions to be positive enough.