There’s no doubting that the Nissan Navara’s is one very capable truck. However, it still has its limitations. Nissan Australia wanted to make a tougher and more rugged 4x4 version of the Navara. So, they hired an extra 40 people with engineering and local manufacturing experience in order developed what they call the Navara N-Trek Warrior.

Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior is tough pickup we won’t be getting image

Unlike most special edition models that only features a styling kit and aesthetic upgrades, the Navara N-Trek Warrior does have some performance-enhancing modifications as well. For starters, the suspension has been completely upgraded including new springs and dampers which lift the vehicle by 40mm. Large 275/70 Cooper AT3 all-terrain tires wrapped around the 17-inch wheels were also fitted to further enhance the Navara’s off-road capabilities and negotiate even rougher terrain.

Despite the suspension upgrades, Nissan claims that the changes “did not result in any reduction in vehicle attributes such as durability, safety, and comfort.” This is because the N-Trek Warrior’s suspension was tuned to compensate for the increased ride height.

Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior is tough pickup we won’t be getting image

Apart from the suspension upgrades, Nissan Australia also fitted a new front bumper which gives it a more aggressive look. On top of making it look better, the new bumper features a hoopless body-colored steel bullbar in order to give it better protection off-road. This is paired with a new 3mm stainless steel panel that protects the underbody. An integrated 470mm LED light bar then ensures good visibility even in pitch black conditions.

Other features include matching a full-size wheel and tire, dark orange accents, and N-Trek Warrior decals both inside and out. As it is based on the Navara N-Trek offered in Australia, some accessories and features have been carried over including the fender flares, sports bar, and blackened trim pieces.

Considering how harsh Australian outback conditions can be, the N-Trek Warrior could be the most rugged Navara being offered to date. Now, if only they will sell it in the Philippines…