Nissan to close Barcelona factory, stop European sales of Navara

It seems that pick-up trucks are not popular all over the globe. Take for example Nissan Europe who recently announced that they will stop producing and selling the Navara in The Old Continent.

According to Automotive News Europe, Nissan will end production of the Navara for European markets once the Barcelona plant closes in December 2021. Meanwhile, sales of the pick-up truck will cease sometime in 2022. For the automaker, the decision to stop offering the Navara is a reflection of the declining pick-up segment in Europe as consumers are switching over to vans and MPVs.

Due to dwindling sales, Nissan Navara to be dropped in Europe image

But couldn't have Nissan Europe switched to importing units from Thailand like what Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) is doing? The company actually had the option of importing the facelifted units from The Land of Smiles. Ultimately, however, the automaker decided not to push through with that option.

With the Nissan Navara set to be discontinued in Europe, it will join the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and the Renault Alaskan pick-up trucks which have also been discontinued in the Old Continent. Ironically, both the Alaskan and X-Class were based on the Navara and were also built at the Barcelona factory.

Due to dwindling sales, Nissan Navara to be dropped in Europe image

Unlike the Navara, the Renault and Mercedes-Benz pick-up trucks were geared towards the lifestyle market. In the end, however, sales were not picking up for both the Alaskan and the X-Class – leading to their eventual demise.

As the Navara plans to exit the European market, this leaves the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux as the leading pick-up trucks in Europe. In the future, the Volkswagen Amarok will make its return thanks to its partnership with Ford who is also developing the next-gen Ranger.

Nissan dropping Navara from Europe as pick-up market shrinks image

The Nissan Navara may be leaving Europe soon, but in other markets like Southeast Asia, the Navara continues to be a volume seller alongside its SUV counterpart, the Terra.