Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) kicked off its 2006 Christmas party by giving the media a look-see into NMPI's product line-up in 2007 by showing its new flagship, the Nissan Teana.

NMPI president, Leman Lee proudly claims that the Nissan Teana is Nissan's global flagship luxury sedan for its segment. "It is enchanting to behold and filled with technologies and design reflecting Nissan's bold and thoughtful thinking." Lee adds.

Unlike some luxury sedans that are assembled outside quality-crazy Japan, the Nissan Teana is manufactured at Nissan's high-tech plant in Kyushu, Japan. NMPI Senior Manager for Market and Product Planning Department, Raymond Tribdino, describes the Teana as "An advanced luxury sedan built on purposeful design, real world technology and impeccable quality."

The Teana's most salient feature is its elegant interior with designs embodying themes of relaxation, hospitality and ingenuity. The interior is highlighted by bold use of wood grain trim and premium quality materials that project a sense of calm composure.

Stunning inside and out, the Teana carries stylish and attractive body proportions. The beautifully balanced exterior creates a distinct sense of dynamism while hinting at the exceptional roominess and comfort found inside.

Motivating the Teana is the famed VQ engine. One of the finest engines produced by Nissan, it is the only engine series to be listed in Ward's 10 Best Engine's List for 12 straight years. This powerful engine delivers solid driving performance in all situations, from in-town driving to high-speed cruising.

To control this immense power the Teana is backed up by Nissan's "Triple Safety" initiative. Information safety through the Xenon headlights, Control safety through the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Impact safety through active head restraints, double pre-tensioner seat belt system and SRS curtain and side airbags.

All these features assure the ultimate driving experience. The Teana pursues superior level of quality and design, offering a completely new sense of luxury. Mr. Tribdino said NMPI is targeting an initial ten percent of the luxury sedan market. "Some people may call us crazy to introduce an ultra-luxury vehicle at this point in time, but I am supremely confident in this product to deliver the Nissan message to the public," Tribdino adds.

Initial feedback from journalists who had the privilege to preview the Teana commented that the vehicle was comparable to high-end European sedans. It is apparent that NMPI's next luxury sedan will once again set the standards for elegance, style and comfort. "This is a right move for NMPI" said one magazine editor, "and a good push for the luxury car market."

Though Nissan officials declined to give any information about the exact launch date, indications are it's going to be for the first quarter of 2007. Mr. Leman Lee said that the Teana will initially sell at 1.88 million pesos for the top of the line 230JM model and 1.68 million pesos for the mid-grade 230JK model.