What do you get when you mix snow and an open-top sports car? One crazy snowmobile.

If 2017 saw Nissan come up with the go-anywhere Rogue Trail Warrior Concept, this year, Nissan has come up with the bonkers 370Zki. Set to make its public debut at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, the 370Zki ditches snow tires for a set of tracks to tackle the harsh winter climate.

Nissan goes skiing with the 370Zki Roadster

Converting an already capable two-door soft-top was no easy feat according to Nissan. To install the Dominator Tracks (from American Track Truck Inc) on the 370Z, the company had to remove the entire drivetrain from the car. Nissan then installed a custom lift kit that raised the 370Z's ride height by three inches. Custom mountings for the rear springs and three-inch spacers were also put up to mount the snow tracks to the wheel hubs.

Meanwhile, the front suspension was also modified to accommodate the taller ride height. In addition, new adaptors were also installed to allow the front suspension to have the right travel and rotation for the tracks. A front skid plate, on the other hand provides added protection should the 370Z encounter rough terrain in the snow. The factory brakes were retained but the brake lines, as well as the exhaust system, had to be rerouted underneath the vehicle.

Nissan goes skiing with the 370Zki Roadster

Providing power is the ever familiar 3.7-liter VQ37VHR V6 that is mated to a seven-speed automatic gearbox. The powertrain remains completely stock, meaning it still produces 332 PS along with 366 Nm of torque.

“The Nissan 370Zki continues our recent tradition of bringing imaginative winter vehicle concepts to the Chicago Auto Show. With the Nissan Z’s long heritage of motorsports competition, the 370Zki seemed like a natural combination,” said Michael Bunce, vice president of Product Planning at Nissan North America Inc.

Nissan goes skiing with the 370Zki Roadster

The 2018 Chicago Auto Show will take place at the McCormick Place from February 10 to February 19.