As the world watched the global debut of the Ariya EV crossover yesterday, there was something different.

If you looked a bit closer at the Nissan logo, you'll realize that, well, it's not the same. Yes, starting with the Ariya, the new Nissan logo will adorn every new model to come. Interestingly, the change comes nearly 20 years after the Japanese automaker made some alterations to the logo in 2001. It also comes at the time other manufacturers (Volkswagen and BMW) redesigned their own logos.

Like the previous emblem, the new Nissan badge is still a circle intersected by the Nissan name in capital letters. Unlike before, the font looks a lot thinner and the letters are more spaced out. No more chrome effects too. The word Nissan is also a bit more freestanding and no longer connected to the circle itself. Furthermore, the circle is itself is no longer a full one as there are small gaps between the Nissan name. The result is a logo that combines minimalistic styling but futuristic design.

Nissan has now started using their new minimalist logo image

According to Nissan, the redesign process started back in 2017 when Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's senior vice president of global design, began to study potential changes to Nissan's logo and brand identity. The goal was to create a logo that was “thin, light and flexible”. Another important requirement is that the logo needs to look good when illuminated on future EV models, which will be lit up by 20 LEDs.

Aside from looking good on future models, Nissan says the new logo will have to “make a strong impression when not illuminated, such as when it appeared digitally or on paper”. With the new minimalist design, it will easier to use in digital applications. To give us an idea, the automaker even included a few executions of what the logo will look like in different mediums.

Nissan has now started using their new minimalist logo image

The new logo comes at a right time when Nissan as the automaker begins a new chapter. With 12 new cars set to be launched in the coming 18 months along with major restructuring to the brand, a new emblem might just signal the automaker transformation back to a global powerhouse.

The rollout of the new logo also cascaded to Nissan Philippines, as the company has begun using the new emblem on their online portals