What does the ultimate city car of the future look like? Most will probably think of a fully automated electric vehicle (EV) with a rather unique (and possibly oddball) design. Nissan, however, thinks that the “ultimate urban commuter” of the future is going to be something like this small and cute EV concept.

Nissan IMk Concept is one cute (and pink) electric city car image

Called IMk Concept, it is a fully electric vehicle which hints at the brand's future design philosophy. It features a minimalist exterior with smooth flowing character lines that run throughout the body. Most of the body was also inspired by simplistic, traditional Japanese design. The evidence of Japanese inspiration can be seen on the V-motion grill, taillights, roof, spoiler and even the wheels, which are said to give a flowing pattern. Completing the exterior design is the Akagane paint scheme, giving the concept a rose-gold color.

While it might look quite big in the photos, the dimensions are similar to Japanese Kei-cars. Specifically, the IMk Concept measures in at only 3,434 mm long, 1,512mm wide, and 1,644 mm tall.

Nissan IMk Concept is one cute (and pink) electric city car image

Despite being small in size, the inside remains spacious thanks to the lack of a center console. Instead, there's a bench-style seat which uses light tonal materials. The same materials then make up the rest of the cabin. On the dashboard, there are very minimal physical controls with just a digital gauge cluster. There's also a lot of copper trim all around similarly colored to the exterior.

No details were released regarding the electric powertrain used. Instead, Nissan mentions that the IMk Concept will have the latest ProPilot technology including the Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) and Nissan Energy Share (Vehicle-to-Home) systems.

Nissan IMk Concept is one cute (and pink) electric city car image

“The IMk concept provides a glimpse of the new direction of Nissan Intelligent Mobility as technology evolves toward electrification and connectivity,” said Asako Hoshino, Nissan’s executive vice president overseeing global marketing and sales and the brand’s global EV business.

For now, Nissan has not mentioned whether a the IMk concept will spawn a production model. Noticeably, it's overall shape and style does somewhat resemble the Nissan Dayz. Considering it is also kei-car size, our guess is as good as yours.

Whatever the case, do expect us to get up close with the IMk concept once it debuts at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.