Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) opens the new year with a wave of adventure and excitement, as it launches the limited edition of Nissan X-TRAIL CVT. Aptly called the "Tough Rider" edition, this superior SUV perfectly combines power, performance and economy for customers who look for ruggedness in their urban or rough road ride.

Offering excellent value for money for the consumers, the second-generation X-TRAIL CVT sports a new bold, tough and masculine design complemented by a suite of features that deliver power, versatility, and off-road capability. As one of the most popular vehicles in the compact SUV segment, the X-TRAIL CVT is versatile enough to adapt to all active lifestyles, offer the freedom to do what one wants and above all, is sheer fun to drive.

The Nissan X-TRAIL CVT "Tough Rider" Edition is packed with features to complete the genuinely tough look, including the front and rear bumper overrider and micro-angle back sensor.

"We've designed the Nissan X-TRAIL CVT 'Tough Rider' Edition to stimulate the Filipino motorists' spirit of adventure," said NMPI President and CEO Allen Chen. "It is an authentic real SUV that looks tough and is built to handle even the worst elements. With its unbeatable package of style, power and performance with no compromise on comfort and safety, this limited edition of the iconic SUV will allow thrill-seeking travelers to simply pack up their things and go literally anywhere."

The Nissan X-TRAIL CVT "Tough Rider" Edition will retail for PhP1,570,000 for the 4WD variant and PhP1,370,000 for the 2WD.

NMPI welcomes the Metal Rabbit with its "Prolific" Promo

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) ushers in prosperity and good fortune in the Year of the Metal Rabbit with its "Prolific" promo packages, where customers can avail of as much as 12 monthly payments for free when they purchase selected Nissan models, never before offered in the market. The promo which runs until February 28 offers a selection of attractive financing packages that include low down payment, low monthly amortization and zero percent interest terms.

Customers who will choose to avail the REDUCED PAYMENT PERIOD can get six to 12 months free out of the regular 60-month term, with 50 percent downpayment. For the Grand Livina 1.8 MT Elite, pay only for 54 months and save as much as P59,442. Get six months free monthly payments also for the Sentra 200 2.0 MT and save P72,738; X-TRAIL 2.0 AT 4x2 and save P75,168; and X-TRAIL CVT 2.5 4x2 and save P93,522. Meanwhile, purchasing Sentra 1.6 MT GSX and Sentra 1.3 MT GX STD comes with free 12 monthly payments, which translates to P105,300 and P84,516 savings, respectively.

LOW DOWN offers low down payments of P99,000 for the Grand Livina 1.8 MT Elite, P118,000 for the Sentra200 2.0 MT and P160,000 for the X-TRAIL 2.0 AT 4x2. What's more, the LOW DOWN offer comes with an all-in package, entitling customers to free one-year comprehensive insurance, free three-year LTO registration, and free chattel mortgage fee.

Practical and budget-conscious buyers will surely be enticed with the LOW MONTHLY term, which lets the customers experience the benefits of a light monthly plan for as low as P7,900 for the Grand Livina 1.8 MT Elite, P9,800 for the Sentra200 2.0 MT and P10,500 for the X-TRAIL 2.0 AT 4x2 - all for up to 60 months with 50% down payment.

To maximize value-for-money, customers can also enjoy 0% INTEREST for up to 36 months with 50 percent down payment for the Grand Livina 1.8 MT Elite, Sentra200 2.0 MT and X-TRAIL 2.0 AT 4x2.