It's no secret that pick-up trucks, in general, are not exactly the most refined of vehicles on the road. While modern examples today have better road manners than their predecessors, they're still not that quiet thanks to their turbo-diesel engines under the hood, as well as their overall shape and design.

One such pick-up truck is the Navara. Despite having one of the best ride qualities (thanks to its coil-spring rear) in the segment, the Navara's diesel-powered engine is quite noisy, even while stationary. Then there's the wind noise which can be quite bothersome especially when driving on the highway.

Nissan just made the Navara (run) quieter for 2020 image

Nissan Australia, however, wants to change all that with the 2020 Navara. For its latest update, the Navara gets a new acoustic windshield which they claim reduces wind noise and road noise from penetrating into the cabin. Meanwhile, the center console, firewall, and transmission tunnel get a new sound-absorbing material to further dampen powertrain noise from intruding into the Navara's interior. Finally, Nissan also installed a new engine cover in order to minimize engine noise.

What other changes did Nissan introduce on the 2020 Navara? It gets a new Black Styling package which replaces the typical brightwork. It features a blacked-out front grill that replaces the previous chrome finish, blacked-out foglight bezels, and side mirror caps, a new sports bar also painted black, and new 18-inch two-tone alloy wheels.

Nissan just made the Navara (run) quieter for 2020 image

"These changes deliver even more of what our customers want from their Navara. Not only do they add more refinement right across the Dual Cab range, but they also unlock a new tough look," said Stephen Lester, Nissan Australia Managing Director.

Will Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) launch an updated Navara soon that benefits from better Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) lessening? We have our fingers crossed that they do as the Navara that Australia gets also comes from Thailand. It might take a while though for the 2020 Nissan Navara with better NVH to arrive in the Philippines due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.