The 2021 Magnite will be the newest addition to Nissan’s crossover lineup once it debuts this October 21. As the newcomer in the lineup, the B-segment crossover will have a lot to prove to potential customers. To remove any doubts about the new crossover with regards to rugged and how capable it is, Nissan has been constantly testing the Magnite in Japan. 

Prior to its launch later this month, the Japanese automaker pushed the Magnite to its limits at Nissan Tochigi Proving Ground. For reference, this is the same area where other Nissan models such as the GT-R and Ariya, have been tested. It's no Sahara desert or, but it is quite extensive for a crossover meant for the urban jungle.

Based on the short video clip, which you can watch above, the Magnite was driven through all types of terrain – from going up a steep slope to driving on unpaved, gravel roads and even forging through flood water. At the same time, the crossover needs to be agile enough to adjust to surprises that may be around the corner. According to Nissan, these are just some of the conditions vehicles sold in India have to go through on a frequent basis.

Watch Nissan torture test 2021 Magnite to the extreme image

"The Nissan Magnite has been specially designed in Japan, keeping in mind the requirements of our Indian customers. It is a bold offering in the sub-four-meter category, and we are confident that the Nissan Magnite will redefine the B-SUV segment by breaking boundaries. We are very excited to bring this game-changing product to India," said Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India.

Watch Nissan torture test 2021 Magnite to the extreme image

So far, Nissan has only shown the concept last July. But based on the photos of the crossover undergoing testing, it seems the design is more or less the same. Unfortunately, Nissan still did not disclose details about the powertrain. We wouldn’t be surprised if all-wheel-drive was made available considering all the terrain the Magnite had to go through.

Excited to see the production model Magnite? So are we. Hopefully, we also get to see it on Philippine roads in the future.