Last week, Nissan Thailand confirmed that they will soon begin building vehicles with e-Power drive. This makes them the first country outside of Japan to manufacture Nissan's innovative electric drive system. The system makes use of a gasoline engine to charge an EV's batteries, negating the need to recharge the vehicle at a charging station.

But what exact vehicle from Nissan Thailand will have the e-Power drive system? Well, we no longer have to wonder as the company has (somewhat) confirmed it before its actual debut. Come May 15, 2020, Nissan Thailand will officially be launching the all-new Kicks e-Power.

Nissan Thailand to reveal 2020 Kicks e-Power on May 15 image

Based on an official invite that the automaker posted, Nissan Thailand will be launching the Kicks e-Power hybrid vehicle this Friday at 7:00 PM (6:00 PM local time). With it, the Kicks e-Power will be making its regional debut in South East Asia and will be the first EV the country will build.

Also included in the invite is a silhouette of the upcoming crossover. Despite hiding the car's overall looks, the teaser image appears to heavily resemble the leaked photos of the Kicks that we posted last month. If the images are to be believed, Nissan heavily redesigned the Kicks by giving it more aggressive headlights, a bigger V-Motion grill with gloss black trim, a new front bumper, and slimmer air intakes.

Nissan Thailand to reveal 2020 Kicks e-Power on May 15 image

We even got to see the Kicks' rear which now gets a pair of slimmer taillights. Also, a part of the rear bumper is now body-colored, a stark difference compared to the pre-facelift model which either had an unpainted bumper or just a simple chrome accent.

With Nissan Philippines sourcing most of its vehicles from Thailand, could this mean that the Kicks e-Power will also be making its way here? There is a good chance since the all-new Leaf is set to make its way to the Philippines soon. However, there is also a high chance that we might just get the Kicks with a standard internal combustion engine as the Juke might already be on its way out in South East Asia.

Nissan Thailand to reveal 2020 Kicks e-Power on May 15 image

Whatever the case may be, we certainly cannot wait for the launch of the refreshed Nissan Kicks with e-Power in Thailand this Friday.