While Nissan’s quirky crossover only recently hit our shores, the Juke has well been in production as early as 2010. With its bullfrog-like appearance distinguishing it from the predictable shape of other crossovers, the Juke – whether you love it or hate it – never fails to get a reaction from anyone who sees it. Considering that the Juke is closing on a decade in production already, it appears Nissan may finally be pulling the plug on the quirky crossover.

If Nissan USA’s main webpage is anything to go by, it looks like they have already stopped selling the Juke with the limited availability on remaining stocks from numerous dealership. Furthermore, the Juke has already been removed from the current lineup of vehicles available on the webpage and was moved under the discontinued vehicles page. Instead, a new model has joined Nissan USA's lineup thus ultimately replacing it – the Kicks.

Nissan Kicks out the Juke in the USA

One of the reasons as to why the Juke has been dropped from the US market could be because of low sales. According to Automotive News, Nissan only sold 10,157 units of the Juke in the US in 2017. The number is down by a significant 48-percent from 2016. In comparison, the Juke the remains one of the brand's best selling models such as in Europe according to the site.

While the axing of the Nissan Juke appears to be evident only in the US, production of the Nissan crossover continues for Japan – and subsequently our own local market. For now the Juke appears to still be available in good quantity in our shores, but having it ceased in a big market such as the US – not to mention already having a replacement model – may mean its days are ultimately numbered.